Empowering the Arts

Maricopa ARTS Council On Video

The City of Maricopa hosts a bustle of Arts activities around the
calendar. Galleries, shows, concerts, competitions, recitals,
Artist Town Halls, up-close-and-personal features lectures, and
special events take place all across the city in both standard and
non-standard locations.
MAC established its own video channel on Youtube in early 2020:

“Celebrating Maricopa’s Arts!!” is a showcase for examples of
the finest, most entertaining works and Artist profiles presented
overtime in Maricopa, featuring the city’s top-tier Arts
organizations and a few of Maricopa’s prominent individual
Artists. The channel currently is home to 17 videos with more
on the way.
In addition, each Performing-Arts organization and many
individual Artists maintain their own sites or FB pages.